Correct and Boost

Now that Autumn is here, it is a great time to nourish your skin so it looks flawless for next summer.
Lytic Tx is the perfect product to add into your skin care regme as it effectively helps to eliminate skin imperfections and uneven texture by loosening and removing dead skin cells and cleansing pores. In addition, it helps to reduce redness, irritation and inflammatory factors associated with acne, dermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis. Combined with the use of a Renewal facial product, it can improve the signs of skin ageing.
When using it, start slowly, adding it to your evening regime, using 1 – 2 pearl sized drops on your fingers, applying it over your cleansed face, focusing on red or cogested areas. Wait 5 – 7 minutes for it to soak into your skin before applying Renewal products, as this will prepare the skin to enable the Renewal products to work more effectively. Remember using more of the product will not make the product work more effectively, so only use the recommended amount, saving your product and your money.
RRP £50.50

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